Turmeric: The Anti Inflammatory Super Food

Did you know turmeric is one of the most powerful foods in the world? It is! This wonderful root food is packed with nutrients to help fight cancer, depression, inflammation, and even arthritis. The curcumin content is what makes this such a great addition to your diet. Here at Nettie’s Living Naturally we even incorporate […]

Artificial Colorants and the Big Picture

We are drawn in by wild colors, the glitter, the shimmer. You want to take a photo and SHARE it with the world. We are stuck in this “Pinterest Perfect” world where everything has to be super bright and highly fragrant. However, what most people are missing is what ingredients are being used to create […]

Bone broth is for you and your pets!

Do you ever remember eating fresh made chicken noodle soup after it simmered all day long? How wonderful it could make you feel? That boost you got after a big bowl, or even just a few sips is very real. It was from the bone broth! Bone broth is not only a beneficial food for […]

Water bath canning, easy but BEWARE of these common mistakes!

With the peak of the growing season coming up, I’m seeing tons of friends and fellow bloggers posting about what to do with their harvest! You have a few options: eat em, dehydrate (freeze drying is even better!), freeze, or can it. I typically freeze or water bath can my extras. Water bath canning method […]