Hi everyone! I am completely transparent, so please feel free to ask any questions! I will be updating this page frequently! Please go to my Facebook to place orders and the most up to date information on pricing!

Lip Balm

I have 3 balms available, Chocolate Mint, Natural flavor, Tropical Kiss. Each balm has different ingredients since we all have different needs. My favorite is the Chocolate Mint lip balm- it’s great for dry lips! The Sunflower and Coconut Oil keep your lips moisturized similar to a gloss all day! Please read each label to find out which suits your needs best. I’m in process of mastering a great vegan lip balm well! Lip balms run $3.


Bath Bombs

I currently have 3 varieties:

Plain/ without flowers

With flowers

With CBD oil infused

All of my bath bombs are natural, no added artificial colors, no cornstarch. I add coconut oil, witch hazel, shea butter and/or essential oils to create a luxurious skin soothing experience. All florals used are grown at my home using ZERO pesticides, ZERO chemicals. I only treat my roses with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth which even if I didn’t rinse it off- would be totally safe for you! Check out my blog for more information on how to use Diatomaceous Earth! Non CBD bombs ($4-6 depending on size) , CBD infused ($10-17 depending on size, strength)





Body Butter

All of my butters are simple and whipped. Most formulations are Shea Butter and coconut oil based. I add essential oils to some to give a nice natural floral smell. I currently have a lavender and unscented stay tuned for more wonderful scents! Price range $9-15 depending on recipe and size of jar.


Dandelion Salve

This wonderful salve is made with wild crafted dandelions that have been infused in oil for several weeks. This all natural salve is excellent for achy muscles. Dandelion is also said to be great for rashes scrapes. It’s very simple- just Beeswax, Dandelion infused Avacado Oil, Lavender Oil, Helicrysum Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil. Comes in 4oz tins for $15.


Calendula Salve

Made with dried Calendula flowers, this salve is great for bug bites, rashes, and other mild skin irritations.

Paw Balm

Get ready for winter with a Calendula infused balm for your dog! Will be available mid October.


Yes you read that right! I’m making cold process all natural soaps. Follow my Facebook page to be up to date with the latest soaps and other products available! Price is $6-8 for 4-5oz bar, again price varies on recipe used. I do not use fragrance oils ONLY essential oils. No Palm oil. No micas. Only natural colorants.

**Take note that none of these products or statements are approved by the FDA to treat any illness nor disease of any kind and are cosmetic in their nature.**